Create your own !

Victor is a table concept. It is graphic and infinitely modifiable.

Geometric forms made of wood are assembled to compose designs that are unique in dimension colour and materials…Victor, create your own…

The interactive website offers you a choice of options to choose from: the finishings for the table base and a large choice of colours for the wooden forms made of lacquered wood. Once composed these create the tabletop.

The table is delivered in a “build yourself” pack. The pack contains the table’s base, the geometric wooden shapes, the glass top and of course, instructions on how to put it all together.

You will find it easy to create the design that most resemble you. You and your creativity can infinitely rearrange Victor’s tabletop designs for sharing.


Victor is a project of the design group D.O.O.W. An association of the quality craftsmanship of a master carpenter, and the geometric work of the artist L.X. One.