Venez découvrir l’exposition personnelle de «The Grid» 

A partir du 9 Février

Bleu Noir

4 Avenue Voltaire 64200 BIARRITZ

Vernissage le 9 Février à partir de 18H00

The Grid est une série de travaux sur la vibration. Accumulation, répétition de lignes, de trames, de motifs... Le tracé ou l’alteration de la matière sur le support en dé nit la profondeur.

L’automatisation donne naissance à l’imprévu, la ligne vibre, le vecteur se fait texture. Le vide se transforme en lumière, le carré devient cube... Le pixel, une poésie.

Repetition and rhythm are only two ingredients that inform the work of LX.The subtle lines and forms work so hard to become like textures. His artwork is like a digital pulse. The constant shift to new mediums and materials, the use of new technologies.

He makes art that references the here and now. It’s twenty rst century modernism at it’s absolute best. The way he seamlessly shifts between large scale murals and small paper or wood pieces is e ortless, the constant experimentation is a whole narrative in itself. So few artists nowadays try new things at the pace this artist does.

The graphic world informs us as viewers on a daily basis and these works do just that... They inform us as viewers in a similar way to the architecture and advertising that surrounds us. We can nd so much information within his images.
Subliminal messages within beautifully aesthetic grids.

Remi Rough

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