Here are some pics from Marrakech trip. Some outside painting with Sebastien Preschoux,Olivier SWIZ and Arnaud Liard

Group Show " SENSITIVE EYE " from September 11th to October 19th

After having presented its first exhibition dedicated to Op Art last year, The David Bloch Gallery is proud to propose a new manifestation of this subtle and fascinating art.

Inspired by the artistic avant-garde of the first half of the XXth century, such as cubist and futurist artists, Optical Art keeps on surprising from its heyday in the 1960s. Mostly abstract, the optical and kinetic creations make the viewer an active participant of the artworks. 

By different effects of movement, light and balance, Op Art explores the dynamics of the vision and the reliability of the eyes. It plays with illusions and perceptions so as to place the viewer at the core of new sensory experiences, between pleasure and vertigo. 

These visual stresses, challenging sensitivity, are characteristic features of the artists artworks gathered by the David Bloch Gallery for this new one-of-a-kind exhibition.

The line-up includes international references, such as French artist Sebastien Preschoux, LEK, new award-resident of the Villa Medici in Roma, or Morran Ben Lahcen, now a key essential actor in Morocco contemporary arts, who just released a new exclusive serie following his 4 months artistic residency in Marrakesh.

This Group Show is also an opportunity to discover the new recruits to the gallery, as the talented SWIZ or the promising Arthur Dorval, whose « Geometrical outbreaks » come to Morocco for the first time.

Entitled « SENSITIVE EYE », this exhibition unfolds artworks on canvas, on paper as well as individual and collective installations, realised in the artistic residency that the David Bloch Gallery provides to his talents in the medina, for the sake of their creativity.


The opening will take place on September the 11th, from 7pm, in the presence of the artists LX ONE, SWIZ, and Morran Ben Lahcen.

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